• Jaiwant Mulik

Introducing TTMC

Thank you for your interest in Talk To My Clinic. We are a patient-focused start up that provides an easy-to-use solution to one of the top complains patients have: Waiting on hold when calling their doctor's office. We see this issue in all sizes of medical offices, from single provider clinics with only a front desk answering phones to clinics with dedicated call centers. Our team is closely associated with Integrated Pain Solutions (IPS) and we live this issue every day

The TTMC app provides an easy to use method for patients to send in requests for appointment, prescription refills and callback from the provider. IPS has successfully used this app since Oct 2017 and we have seen a reduction in phone traffic and missed voicemails.

As we developed this solution, another communication issues that we thought worth solving was that of a HIPAA compliant inter-office chat solution. Physicians and staff often communicate through regular SMS. The problem with this channel is that there is no accountability and it is near impossible to add any of these communications to an EMR record. Our solution allows physicians and staff to use the familiar chat-like interface but adds all the advantages of a cloud-based communication channel. Chats can be searched, cannot be deleted and can be easily converted for attaching to patient medical records. IPS providers use the chat feature on a daily basis.

We will continue to develop additional features and plan to use TTMC as a platform to make a positive dent on real-world patient issues.

We are excited to offer a FREE 3-month no-obligation trial to interested medical practices.

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